SCD Staff

SCD staff members are available to assist landowners with programs available through partner organizations. Anita Houk (Secretary), Pam Hoskins (Natural Resources Conservationist),Gene Robinson (District Conservationist)


SCD Board

Soil Conservation Districts are local units of government responsible for the soil and water conservation work within their boundaries. The districts' role is to increase voluntary conservation practices among farmers, ranchers and other land users. The SCD is governed by an elected board. Those on the local board are:  Jimmy Herndon (Chairman), Genrose Davis (Vice-Chairman, Burnace Vandergriff (Treasurer), Jimmy Womack (Supervisor), and Mike Conley (Supervisor).

NRCS Staff

NRCS is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. NRCS staff is available in all 95 Tennessee counties to provide assistance to landowners through cost share programs that promote conservation of our natural resources. Pam Hoskins (Natural Resousces Conservationist).

FSA Staff

FSA in Tennessee administers farms loans, farm programs, conservation and stewardship incentives, disaster assistance and food aid across the country and around the world.